peace necklace
peace necklace
peace necklace
peace necklace
peace necklace
peace necklace
peace necklace
peace necklace
peace necklace
peace necklace

peace necklace

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I think we all need a little more P E A C E in our lifes. This necklace is modeled in wax with a hand engraved peace dove in the center. For me it perfectly embodies a symbol of peace that I can wear everyday close to my heart and as a statement towards the world.



- pendant: recycled 925 sterling silver

- chain: recycled 925 sterling silver 


You want to add some gemstones to your pendant? No problem, just drop me an email and we can discuss your custom made piece.  

Each piece is handmade and therefore unique - as such it will vary slightly from the shown product image.

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