lab grown diamonds

lab grown diamonds

A diamond always starts as a little piece of carbon dioxide, all it needs to grow is heat and pressure. For diamonds grown in the laboratory, the natural conditions are mimiced to create unique, man-made diamonds which are then cut and polished to bring out their sparkle. A simple combination that the Earth spends millions of years perfecting and men spend decades extracting. But at what cost?

Let's be very clear: The diamonds I use are the real deal. By sight and science, there’s no difference between them, only their origin. Sustainable and kind to the planet, we believe diamonds should be accessible to all and shouldn’t cost the Earth.

Beautiful to the eye & the environment.

same same, but different

why lab grown?

1. No social and environmental conflict

2. Less impactful to the environment and surrounding communities, due to reduced levels of energy required for the lab

3. Greater purity and improved quality

4. More affordable

Where do we source our lab-grown diamonds?

All our diamonds are sourced from DIAVON.

DIAVON MANUFAKTURDIAMANT® is the exclusive supplier of original MANUFAKTURDIAMANTEN sourced from the Diamond Foundry and stands for pure values, morally impeccable.

All diamonds are produced carbon neutral and the Diamond Foundry does take it even one step further in using greenhouse gases to produce it's diamonds. With this technique they turn something negative into something positive & beautiful. WE LOVE!

Read more about the production process here: Diamond Foundry Production.